How to shake off loneliness and live happily?

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If you are fed up with loneliness and stress, and want to change…


Shake it off!
Imagine that there are no more

  • stressful days
  • endless worries
  • sleepless nights
  • days of blaming others
  • complaints
  • pursuits of excuses

How about visiting a place, where you can get rid of your

  • negative thoughts
  • anger
  • burdens carried for years
  • feeling of tightness in the chest

And finally you can have a life in which

  • you will have more happy moments than ever
  • you can forget the offenses of the past
  • you will get your patience back
  • you can easily deal with new difficulties
  • you can spend happier moments with your family
  • your smile will be honest

What is this novelty?

Your life will be changed in 2017 by Daily Therapy!

If you purchase this armchair, you will:

  • do a lot for your health
  • smile more every day
  • shake off your burdens
  • have space in your head for positive thoughts

If you don’t join, you will

  • carry unnecessary burdens
  • feel blue
  • be destroyed by your anger
  • be one of those stressful people



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What does Daily Therapy mean?

Daily Therapy is a cozy, safe place on the internet,
where you can unload everything that hurts or disturbs. This is a community of acceptance where people are listened to carefully, with empathy, and without judgement. Counseling, interruption, hurting the other person are all prohibited in the Daily Therapy community.

Daily Therapy will help, because here you can

  1. tell what bothers you
  2. do for your own happiness
  3. talk honestly to a real person
  4. can face yourself without procrastination
  5. shake off your ballast
  1. realize that you are not alone
  2. listen to other people
  3. gain strength from their stories
  4. learn to believe in yourself
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Daily Therapy is good for people who

  • love themselves,
  • would really like to live a happier life and to be less lonely and frustrated,
  • are aware of how dangerous loneliness can be.


We’ve contrived this just for you: get it while you can: Now, we only accept 50 new members in 10 days, then it’s all over!

What do you get when you join Daily Therapy?

(only for the 50 new members)

Now our six-month club membership costs $ 48 instead of$ 129, and we GUARANTEE that you’ll get our BETTER PERSON certificate if you become a dedicated member of our community.

Remember that not only can you be a member of the Daily Therapy online community, but the more than 60% discount from your six-month club membership fee is also yours. Now, we only accept 50 new members, and then the campaign is over and applications will be closed.

  • The Virtual Armchair itself, which represents your membership
  • A virtual cat and dog who are waiting for your visit, and who sit right beside your armchair
  • The power of community: private pages are closed to the public
  • A personalized, printable “BETTER PERSON” certificate, if you become a wholehearted member of Daily Therapy



We don’t know and don’t even store your bank card data. Internationally recognized and super secure Braintree is responsible for payments. Actually, Braintree is not only our choice, other well-known companies choose it too: Uber (USA), AirBNB (USA), GitHub (USA).


Should any questions arise which were not answered for you on this site, feel free to write us an e-mail to and we’ll be happy to help you within 36 hours.


You can cancel your club membership at any time. You can delete your membership at any time if you decide that you no longer need it.

When you have filled in the registration form on the left and pressed “OK”.  Your membership is renewed automatically
48 US$ per 6 months, till you decide “Thanks, I’ve had enough”. You can cancel your membership at any time.  In this case your armchair will be deleted on the date of your payment anniversary: it will be available until then.



“I’m so grateful for having the courage to join Daily Therapy.

I shook off most of my burdens, and now I am much happier.

I’ve learnt that carrying these burdens are prohibited in my life. From now on I will always get my problems off my chest!”

I want to join

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all!
We are all human beings here. Everybody is like you, everybody is here for recovery. In our community, you don’t have to wear the mask of strength and toughness, everybody admits that we are fallible, hurt and that we have hurt others too.
Talking to a stranger can be more effective, because you don’t have to be afraid of judgement, you don’t have to care about what others say, you can be honest.
If you feel that you are not ready to talk to somebody, you can join as a listener, or you can write your story to our blog. This is an “I can’t tell it to anybody so I will tell it to everybody” surface, which can only be seen by our members and where can you get everything off your chest.
This can give you much strength.
The Armchair is virtual, and symbolizes your membership. When you are sitting in the armchair, you will always find understanding ears, to whom you can tell your sorrows, and who will help to get rid of everyday problems.
The “BETTER PERSON” Certificate is a personalized award, which can be earned if you log in at least once a week for 6 months. You can print your certificate and place it next to your computer, reminding yourself that you’ve come a long way on the road towards a healthier, happier life.